My French Adventure

My French Adventure

Discover a new language naturally-through stories.

Illustration of Moli Clark

My French Adventure

My French Adventure Book

In 1970, I boarded a plane in Chicago bound for Aix-en-Provence, France with some excitement, a Bloody Mary, and two years of university French under my belt. I could never have predicted that within the year, I’d be hitchhiking to Paris for a state funeral!

My French Adventure is a collection of true, comical anecdotes of my time spent in Provence. Each story is written in simple French with a complete corresponding English translation. Perfect for the beginning student!

A 40 page book with charming graphics and photos.

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What readers are saying:

Delightful true stories! Always interesting, amusing, and poignant, a collection of autobiographical sketches about a young person’s experience in France as an American student. A great tutorial for the French language for all Francophiles.
A fun way to learn French! Madame Moli has used these fun stories as a creative way to help her students learn French! How exciting that she is now bilingually sharing these entertaining tales about cross-cultural happenings and unexpected adventures that she experienced during her year abroad in France! These would be enjoyable stories to read in English and/or French. This would be a delightful book for teachers to use with English speakers who are learning French or French speakers who are learning English!
Humor is the best medicine! These stories are interesting and informational, and always include humor which makes it more fun to learn French!
Enjoy the ride! This book is a remembrance of times gone by in another life; in another land. Follow Moli as she takes a leap of faith and travels to France to immerse herself in the language and culture of the ancient land of Gaul. Read along, learn a little French, and imagine the adventure of Moli’s time in the most romantic country on Earth. It’s time well spent, and I think you’ll enjoy the ride.