My French Adventure

My French Adventure

Charming tales of one American’s discovery of French language and culture while studying abroad.

Illustration of Moli Clark

Bonjour! I’m Moli.

Moli Clark American Association of Teachers of French

I’m a native English speaker and a fluent Francophone. At age 20, I left my Indiana home and college in Ohio to spend my junior year abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Little did I know how much this experience would change my life.

The love of French language and culture that I discovered in Provence has stayed with me. Today, I teach conversational French classes to adults. In class, I began telling my students simple stories in French, using true stories from my time abroad.

My students loved hearing tales told from a personal point of view. Even better? Their interest helped them to learn new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar. My stories in simple French made learning the language more accessible and more fun.

My students encouraged me to put these stories into a book so that other language learners could enjoy them as well.

Voici le livre! (Here is the book)

Each story in this book is a chance for you to experience a new culture, read a real-life story, and build your language skills, all at the same time.

Happy reading and happy learning.

Bisous, (Kisses)